When he was alive, my dad and I always swapped stories about any of the many odd dreams we would dream. One morning he sat giggling to himself at the table. He told me he had the craziest dream and after he told me, I found it so funny that I wrote it down for posterity. So here is George Gutschke’s crazy dream.

George’s Crazy Dream
by George Gutschke

I sit in the large chair looking out our window across the yard and into our neighbor’s.

There I see a giggling boy and girl bouncing up and down around an elderly man holding an aerosol can. The old man holds the can at arm’s length, furrows his brow and squints as he reads its label, and all the while, the boy and girl bounce around him laughing and giggling.

Then with a smile, the old man fiestily shakes the can. As he presses the button, the old man makes large orbits around the boy and girl’s crowns as the spray leaps from the can.

The old man’s elderly wife walks over and says, “Pa! Jus’ what do ya have a mind t’do?”

“Well Ma,” he says, “the can says it kills anythin’!”


©2010 Kent Gutschke. All rights reserved