Last night I met someone for drinks. And as we walked down the strip from bar to bar, I asked if Frankfurter’s is still doing business—it’s a hot dog place near the college where I worked.

Well it’s now a Cajun restaurant.

I said in 2011 a co-worker and I were laughing about the Mayan calendar hysteria, when we walked into Frankfurter’s.

The owner stood behind counter stone-faced listening to my jibes. He asked for our orders. And if memory serves, I ordered two dogs with mustard and sauerkraut and a Big Red.

As the owner rang up my order, he paused, looked up and said with a blissful smile, “You’re wrong about the Mayan calendar, bro.”

“I am?”

“Yeah. 2012 is gonna bring a new world. It’s gonna bring a new economy—an economy of love, bro.”

“Magnificent,” I said.

“The world’s gonna run on love,” he continued with a smile. “That’ll be $8.79 for the two dogs and the drink.”


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