Our world is not a friendly spot for anyone insisting on certainty. But for those who crave certainty, why not try the Web?

The Web brims with confidence.

But do inhabitants of the Web struggle with uncertainty? How is it that avatars radiate self-assurance in spite of minds addled by drugs and bodies saddled with debt?

In their ecstasy, do they forget they are really animated lumps of mud and one day soon, they will become dust and blow away on the winds?

Is it true that some believe that soon someone will invent a way to download their minds from their bodies and upload them into computers? Continue reading


I love snapshots.

Anyone with enough practice or luck can take a good one. And most people have taken a great one.

I remember long ago my dad telling me to put the Sun to my back as I shot with our Kodak camera.

And It’s funny looking through our old snapshots, because it’s not hard to figure out who shot which snapshot.

My mom was the Queen of Hearts. In fact my dad lectured me on the first rule of photography saying, “Son, whatever you do, don’t give mom the camera. She’ll chop your head off every time.” Continue reading